Welcome to our Clique.

Closed Clique is a site owned by Fashion Fights Cancer that brings to you one-of-a-kind, limited, exclusive, fashion experiences and luxury pieces. The world may have gone the way of fast fashion, mass production, shoddy craftsmanship and unoriginality, but we have not.

Closed Clique curates the exclusive and rare pieces that you can only find if you are in the know. Just like the Okapi, once known as the mythical African Unicorn, our experiences and pieces are secretive and rarely spotted outside the realm of our Closed Clique.

We are like explorers. We scour the earth for the fashion equivalent of the new animal discovery – the hidden fashion gems, limited editions, exclusive designers…

The Closed Clique  Fashion Experiences that we bring to you are unique, memorable and are often limited access with top professionals in the fashion industry.

Our Clique believes in good times, living life to the fullest and giving back. All sales benefit Fashion Fights Cancer, a survivorship program that focuses on the mental and emotional health of cancer patients.